The following stakeholders expressed their commitment to participate in the project:


Confederation of associations of private forest owners in Spain (COSE);
Forest service of the province Valladolid;
Forest service of the province Burgos;

Regional Forest Service of Castilla and León;
AGRESTA Soc Coop. Forest and Natural Resources Consultant Company;
CESEFOR. Technological Center.



ONF: Office National des Forêts (public forest), Department of Research, Development and Innovation;
IDF: Institut du Développement Forestier, the Department of Research & Development for private forests;
EFI-Atlantic, the Regional office of EFI for planted forests;

Parc National des Cévennes.



City forest Traunstein;
Forestry office Wasserburg;
Gräfl. Arco-Zinneberg'sches Forstamt Moos;
Bayerishe Staatsforsten BaySF;
LWF, State Forest Administration.



Forestry Research Centre, Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA);
Mediterranean Forestry Research Unit (CREA-SAM), Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA);
DG Environment, Lazio region, Forest and Ecosystem Services Office;
R.D.M. Progetti Ltd, private partnership of environmental consultants and landscape planners.



Swedish Forest Agency;
Sveaskog AB (management of the state owned forests);
Skogssällskapet (forest management company).



Austrian Federal Forest Service (ÖBF);
Large private forest enterprise, Stift Lilienfeld;
Small private forest enterprise, Dr. Franz Andrea,  Wilhelmsburg.



Département de la Nature et des Forêts — Department of Nature and Forests Service in charge of the management of all public forests in Wallonia;
Département de l’Etude du Milieu Naturel et Agricole — Department of environmental and agricultural monitoring.
Société Royale Forestière de Belgique (SRFB/KBBM) Belgian association of private forest owners Galerie du Centre.
Forêt Wallonne. NGO for education and vocational training in forest and nature management;
Pro Silva Wallonie. NGO for the promotion of close to nature forestry in Wallonia;
UNEBO – Union Nationale des Entreprises du Bois. National federation of wood-related companies.



Latvian Forest Owners Association.



Lithuanian Foresters Union.
Forest cooperative association „Miško draugas“.



Løiten almenning, one of the few larger forest properties in Norway;
Glommen Skog, forest management organization.